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Star Ocean Watch

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Star Ocean Watch is a fandom newsletter, published fortnightly, for livejournal-based fanworks and discussions about Star Ocean - any game in the series. It has also expanded to include other tri-Ace games, namely Valkyrie Profile and Radiata Stories.

This community was inspired by several other newsletters, such as ff_press. The community does not archive content; it only links to content on other Livejournals. If you would like your works (fanfiction, fanart, icons, lego figurines, etc) or your discussions linked on this journal, please leave a comment on so_watcher, the mod's journal for this community. Likewise, if you do not want to have your fanworks or discussions linked here, leave a comment. Remember: This journal only links to public posts.

This community's membership is closed; do not try to join! Just add it to your Friends list to view the newsletter.



ff_press: Final Fantasy Press
kh_press: Kingdom Hearts Press
grand_line_vine: Grand Vine Line (One Piece fandom update feed)

If you have a newsletter community or a tri-Ace-related community and you'd like to be an affiliate, drop a comment with the name of your community and its purpose, and I'll check it out. :D